The Founders


Not The Status Quo


Sisters, Jetaun and Jayda, grew up in Marion, IN, Grant County. The sisters depended on each other heavily in their younger years due to substance abuse in their family. In Jetaun’s senior year of high school, she became involved in a domestic violence relationship that lasted for many years.



With Jetaun away from home, Jayda engulfed herself in academics and extra curricular activities. Jayda entered college as a social studies education major but immediately realized that’s not where she was called to be. Jayda recalled a time where her mother was attempting to become a foster parent and immediately knew that the case worker’s job was what she wanted to do. Jetaun, having been freed from the abusive relationship for about 2 years, became independent and able to provide a safe, nurturing environment for her children. This would not have been possible without community resources. Jetaun also started a career in the medical field and returned to Grant County just as Jayda was ending her undergraduate education.



Jayda maintained a career working with at risk population as a social worker and eventually earned her masters degree. The sisters have supported one another and while being what society would identify as high risk for being substance abusers themselves, have decided to fight the good fight. Jetaun should not be alive today and Jayda should not have gone to college. Therefore, making them "not the status quo”.

Together, the sisters will combine their passion, education and experiences to improve the community they grew up in.

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